We do not charge for the medicine, but for the work of accommodation, and for the translation of the facilitators from the country in which you are staying .
**All participants will be required to sign up as a member of Souls Herbs Church.
Membership form and waiver before attending, No exceptions. There will be a 10% membership fee added to each booking**

Soulsherbs Ceremony

Prices are based on the number of days for you attend from $150 per person a day. We do ceremonies Monday to Sunday included Breakfast, Lunch, Yoga, Breathwork, Rapé, and integration. With an option of a free day of ayahuasca ceremony for those who get more than 4 days retreat.

Once you have booked your retreat please call or send a text message via our phone or email for medical evaluation.

What comes with a basic package

Basic accommodations: comes to those who book 4 days ayahuasca ceremonies they will get discount including breakfast, lunch, yoga, Breathwork, Rapé, integration and a free day, you will sleep on a 4 inch mattress in the ceremony area, then you will need to bring a flashlight and a bottle of water.

Additional Options
Upgraded accommodations for those who book for a week

Extra ceremonies ‘’add ons’’
Saturday day time ceremony
Sunday after care program

Booking should be done several days before the day you which to attend so as to make time for preparations