What are the ingredients in the brew?

This depends on your kit, our kits always 2 ingredients. There currently are mimosa and harmala, mimosa and caapi, and chacruna and caapi

Is ayahusca legal in my country?

Every countries law is difrerent. You have to check with your countries law before ordering. The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) under United Nations stated that “I wish to inform you that no plant (natural materials) containing DMT is currently controlled under the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances…” To see proof of the actual letter, go: Ayahuasca is illegal? Can I buy and use? (you have to check with your country’s law before ordering) The brewed tea might be considered in the grey area. But the kit is definitely LEGAL.

How long does 1 dose of Ayahuasca Tea experience last, and if I take more than 1 dose, does it last longer?

The experience lasts 4-7 hours no matter the number of dosages. The more you take, the more intense the experience, so you have to be careful. If it is a heroic dosage, you might want to have a sitter there.

Where can you deliver to?

Where can you deliver to? We deliver worldwide from Mexico, and Peru. These are our locations. We deliver anywhere in the world with fast and discreet shipping.

I received your package today but it was not Ayahuasca. Why is it labeled under something else?

What you received is the Ayahuasca kit. We just put a different label on it to avoid problems and ensure that it arrives.

How come it is over 14 days and the tea still haven't arrived like you said on your website?

97% of our deliveries goes smoothly, usually get to you 4-14 days. It is those 5% that gets lost or get stuck in customs. The packages that gets lost, we will resend; mostly without a fee, but sometimes with a shipping and handling fee depending on the situation. The packages that gets stuck in customs, you would need to wait it out. We are able to track it so do not worry. We apologize for those inconveniences.

How do I pay?

We accept bitcoin and Paypal. Better to use bitcoin as it is anonymous.

What foods individual can eat before and after the ayahuasca ceremony? What foods and drugs to avoid? How long do I need to avoid the drugs?

You can eat: Salads, steamed veg, rice, millet, buckwheat, yeast free bread, seeds, nuts, soups, herbs and fruit. On the day of the ritual, it would be better to fast for the whole day. Some people get low blood sugar while on ayahuasca, so some people might want to eat 2-3 hours before doing the ceremony. Read the ayahuasca preparation guide before taking.

Do you conduct ceremonies in my area?

We used to have different organizations that we can refer you to in terms of ceremonies/retreats but its not available anymore..

What are the long term benefits of Ayahuasca ? What foods indivisual can eat before and after Ayahuasca Ceremony ?