Ayahuasca Vine

What To Expect At Our Soulsherbs Center

Whether you’ve already signed up for an ayahuasca retreat at soulsherbs or if you just want as much information as possible, it helps to know what to expect from an ayahuasca ceremony. Check out this helpful information, and be sure to contact our retreat center in Orlando today with any questions.

Sacred Plant Medicine Brings Peace And Purpose

Working with Sacred Plant Medicine helps us become aware of our own indwelling sacred nature. The Sacred Teacher Plants become our lifelong companions and help us heal our lives. They remind us ultimately that we are in service to the sacredness of life and Pachamama. Working with Sacred Plant Medicine helps us to release negative, fear-filled patterns that have built up over many years through a process of witnessing, integrating and releasing emotional traumas. This facilitates new spiritual perspectives in our lives which is the key to discovering an overall greater sense of purpose, presence and peace in your life.

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